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At Phoenix we repair all LG, Avaya, and Mitel telephone systems, we also repair Spectrum wallboards and are the EMEA authorised repair centre.

FAQ section...

Q: How do I send items to you for repair?
A: All you need to do is send your items to our address and include a packing list of the items in the box, along with serial numbers and a short fault description, please include your own reference numbers and purchase order number if you use them.

Q: How quickly will I get my items back?
A: Our normal turnaround is 3 working days, if we encounter a complicated fault this may take longer but we will let you know if this is going to be the case.

Q: I have a large quantity of phones and other items for repair can you provide a bulk discount?
A: Please call us to discuss this, we can normally provide a good repair price on a large quantity of repairs.

Q: I have an LG LIP8012, LIP8024 phone that is permanently lit up can you repair this?
A: Yes this is a common fault on these phones, we can repair them.

Q: I have an Avaya G450 that has a MM card insertion failure on V5 and V7 slots, can you repair this?
A: Yes we can repair this fault, we have seen this fault a few times on the Avaya media gateways.

Q: I have an Avaya TN568 Slim Audix that won't boot up can you repair this?
A: Yes we can repair these and can also repair the TN567 Fat Audix, please contact us for details.

Q: My GDK 16 phone system is clicking and all phones are dead, is it worth repair?
A: Yes, our repair price isn't huge and a lot cheaper than buying a replacement system, we see many GDK16 phone systems, this is a common product for us, we are aware of a few common faults, for the repair price we will carry out all known fault fixes and upgrade the software to the latest V4.0Ce

Q: I have a faulty (dead) LG LDK 100 power supply, can I send just the power supply for repair?
A: Yes you can send just a power supply from the LDK100 KSU or LDK20 system if you are happy and competent to remove it and reinstall it after the repair, just sending the power unit will save a lot on shipping, and we charge less for the repair too!


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