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Phoenix Repairs has evolved from the original Crane LG Repair Centre and more recently Opal Repairs Ltd. Phoenix has six of the senior repair technicians from Crane and the manager who had been part of the Crane LG Repair Centre for over 10 years. Overall we have cumulatively over 60 years in specifically the repair of LG/LG-Nortel telephone equipment; this amount of expertise and experience is unrivalled in the UK.
As well as acquiring Crane’s repair staff when their repair centre closed in 2006, we also acquired the entire repair centre’s test equipment (some of the finest in the industry) and the repair spares and stock allowing us to maintain an unequalled level of quality and service.

We repair:-
All handsets - GSX, KD, KD/E, LKD, LDP, LIP
All DECTs - GDC330H, 335H, 340H, 345H, 400H
All Systems - GSX (408 & 1832) , GDK (16, 20W, 34 34i, 100, 186), LDK20 - ipLDK 100, 300, Nexer, MFIM (50-300)
• iPECS, MFIM 50A,50B - MFIM 100,300,600
• We also provide all system EPROM software/firmware upgrades

Download the LG-Nortel repair price list:-
LG-Nortel Price List (.pdf)
Ericsson-LG iPECS 2012 price list.pdf

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